Non, je ne regrette rien!

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Salut, Je m'appelle Lucy et je suis facinée par la langue française.

I hope it went well! Sorry for not being able to reply on time :(


Hey, is this for GCSE? 

1) Look at the title/pictures/read the questions because this will help to clarify what the listening is about.

2) Listen out for negatives and adjectives like ‘chouette’ and ‘marrant’ because they will make people’s opinions clearer

3) If it helps - just listen the first time bit is said, and then write notes in the pause

4) Don’t panic if you don’t know a word - just make an educated guess!

In fact - don’t go in to the exam stressed (if possible!) it will be harder to concentrate, and concentrating is crucial to doing well in the listening - try your best not to zone out! 

Bonne chance! <3 Sorry if this hasnt been clear 

Se rappeler - to remember

Je ne me rappelle pas - I don’t remember

(“Se souvenir de” also means to remember)

Je dois réviser pour les examens en ce moment, je ne pourrai pas bloguer comme d’habitude désolée! :(